The Gentleman's Guide to KickAss Hormone Health

Zev Weisdorf
3 min readSep 7, 2023
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The Gentleman’s Quirky Guide to Hormonal Harmony

Gentlemen, gather ‘round! No, we’re not about to unveil the secret to levitating or how to tame a unicorn, but something even more magical — how to keep your hormones humming happily at a healthy level. 🎩✨

First things first. Why do you need to bother about hormones? Aren’t they just the pesky little chemicals that make teenagers moody and give you that uncontrollable urge to buy a shiny red sports car? Well, yes and no. Hormones influence almost every aspect of your health, from your mood and energy levels to muscle growth and… yes, that all-important libido.

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1. Sleep Like A Sloth 🛌🏽 I know, I know. The world won’t stop. There’s always a deadline to meet, a new Netflix series to binge-watch, or a night out with the lads. But here’s the thing — sleep deprivation messes with testosterone levels. Men with sleep apnea or who pull all-nighters have been found to have lower testosterone levels. So, while you may not be as cute as a sloth, you do need those Zzzs.

2. Stress Less, Dude 🧘🏽 Ever noticed how stress turns you into a grumpy old troll? That’s your cortisol — the stress hormone — going into overdrive. Elevated cortisol can suppress other key hormones. Meditate, dance in your undies, or do some deep-breathing exercises. Whatever works to send that cortisol packing.

3. Feast Wisely 🥦🍖 Don’t let the Burger King crown fool you. The daily diet of fast foods, processed meat, and sugary treats will wage a war against your hormones. Opt for a balanced diet with zinc, vitamin D, and omega-3 fatty acids, which are all testosterone-friendly. And while broccoli might not sound as appealing as a cheeseburger, your hormones will thank you.

4. Embrace Your Inner Gym Bunny 🐰 Exercise, particularly resistance training, is a testosterone booster. So, even if you’re more at home on the couch than in the squat rack, it’s time to trade in your remote for some dumbbells. If the gym’s not your thing, start with something fun. Tap dance, underwater basket weaving, or trampoline dodgeball. Okay, the last one might not be a thing yet, but it should be!

5. Limit the ‘Spirits’ 👻 No, we’re not talking about haunted houses. While a glass of fine whiskey or a cold brew might seem like the ultimate relaxation elixir, overindulging can wreak havoc on your hormone levels. Keep it moderate and enjoy the flavors rather than aiming for the bottom of the bottle.

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6. Don’t Smoke Like A Chimney 🚭 We’ve been told countless times that smoking is bad. Here’s one more reason to ditch the stick: it can lower testosterone. Not to mention, those around you will appreciate the absence of the lingering scent of eau de tobacco.

In conclusion, fellas, keeping your hormones at a healthy level isn’t rocket science. It’s more like maintaining a quirky vintage car. A little love, care, and the occasional spin will keep it running smoothly. Here’s to hormonal harmony!



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